Marketing takes lots of time, and requires a high level of expertise.  What’s more, visually appealing, professionally designed materials are both expensive and hard to come by.  Until now.

BES X Marketing Kits let you grow beyond your core customer types, reaching out to more audience segments—for more revenue and profits. We’re talking about Kids & Birthday Parties, Teens & Young Adults, Corporate and Group Events, Competitive Play and Family Fun.

Each BES X Marketing Kit contains everything you need to attract players to your center like a magnet. 

• How-To Promote Guides: Marketing ideas to make the most of your new system to a specific target audience
• Animated and static ads for MMS in-center monitors and BES X overhead monitors
• In-center posters and banners
• Point-of-sale displays
• Print ads
• A plug-and-play showcase to promote BES X on your website
• Email campaigns
• Press releases
• Flyer templates
• Phone messages/DJ greetings
• Radio campaign language

  • ADS 1
  • ADS 2
  • ADS 3
  • ADS 4