The moment there’s a problem with a pinspotter, TCS calls the technician’s wireless phone, ensuring a fast response time. The technician receives an exact error message telling him the lane and problem, for example, a “pin jam error” on lane 5.
Mobile access lets the front desk notify technicians on their wireless handset—anywhere in your center.
With full control and communication, they can acknowledge the call directly from their handset, even control basic functions such as recycling the machine.
Improved safety. To help protect the technician, TCS promptly advises bowlers when they have to stop, so they won’t throw the ball while the machine is being repaired.
Works with every machine. TCS can be installed with machines supported by QubicaAMF scoring systems, including QubicaAMF/Qubica/AMF, Brunswick, Mendes, along with several others—even in mixed installations.